Below is a full list of our featured technologies and products

Actives & Biofunctionals


Zano & Xperse

Zano® 10

Zano® 10 Plus

Zano® M

Zano® M Plus

Zano® 20

Zano® 20 Plus

Xperse® Dispersions


Bicosome Technology

Bicosome® FS

Bicosome® FS Lyophylized

Bicotene® Complex




K3 Vita C

Film Forming Polymers


Cosmosurf Polymers

CosmoSurf® CE-100

CosmoSurf® CE-140

CosmoSurf® CE-250

CosmoSurf®  DDG 20

CosmoSurf®  DDG 28

CosmoSurf®  DGSi

CosmoSurf®  PG1-IS


Ultrapure Polymer 2055


Ultrahydro 50-B


Specialty Naturals


Jojoba Oil

Colorless Jojoba oil

Organic Colorless Jojoba oil

Golden Jojoba

Organic Golden Jojoba



Ultracolor Carmine GN

Ultracolor Carmine Red Co-60 DS




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