Natural prebiotics that rebalance the skin's microbiota

Selectively supporting protective micro-organisms

Reduces the impact of harsh formulations on the skin

Technology overview

preBIULIN and BIOLIN/P are natural prebiotics that rebalance the skin's microbiota. These prebiotcs are based on inulin that is extracted  from the chicory root and are COSMOS certified.


The skin's microbiota is the collection of micro-organisms on our skin and provides a natural layer of protection to keep skin healthy. Disturbances in the microbiota  can cause and sustain certain skin conditions. Many factors can create disturbances, such as aggressive formulations, preservatives and other environmental factors.


preBIULIN and BIOLIN/P work by selectively supporting protective organisms and have been clinically proven to restore the microbiota layer and prevent skin conditions like severe diaper rash. The products come with additional benefits, such as skin hydration that outperforms HA and skin and hair conditioning.

Application and uses


Skin care: Help prevent and treat various skin conditions, provide hydration and conditioning

Shampoos and washes: Prebiotic acitvity for scalp treatments, natural thickening, opacifying

Intimate hygiene: Supporting protective lactobacilli barrier

Commercial product overview, benefits and claims



  • Quicker recovery to a healthy skin microbiota
  • Natural conditioning without compromising performance
  • Enhances the efficacy of disinfectants



  • Counteracts the damages of preservatives on the skin
  • Skin hydration that outperforms Hyaluronic Acid
  • Supports skin microbiota to reduce effects of aging



  • Clinically proven to prevent reoccurence of severe skin conditions
  • Effective in keeping the most sensitive skin healthy
  • Reinforces the protective skin microbiota



  • Natural thickening system, suitable for SLS-free systems
  • Very versatile: salt resistant and wide pH range
  • Provides hair and skin conditioning



  • Natural opacifier
  • Prebiotic supporting lactobacilli and prevent fungi invasions
  • Suitable for scalp and intimate hygiene products


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Global compliance

All BIOLIN/P and preBIULIN products are globally compliant (including China) for use as cosmetic ingredient


preBIULIN FOS: Inulin, Fructose.


preBIULIN AGA: Inulin.


BIOLIN/P:  Inulin, Alpha-glucan Oligosacharide.


preBIULIN C90: Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Inulin, Cellulose, Glucose, Fructose.


preBIULIN OP: Cichorium Intybus Extract

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BIOLIN/P and preBIULIN are products of Gobiotics ( Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics  in parts of the US.

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