Gobiotics - Science driven naturals

Prebiotics, emoilents, emulsifiers and actives

Ingredients from chicory inulin and agave polysacharides

All-natural and COSMOS certified

Company overview

Since 2003 Gobiotics has been creating natural, sustainable and skin microbiota friendly ingredients for personal care applications. All developments and innovations are based on chicory inulin, agave polysaccharides, newly discovered polysacchardies and rice derivatives.

The portfolio consists of prebiotics that scientifically are proven to make formulations more performing and safer, emulsifiers that are very robust to create virtually unbreakable emulsions, emoilents and actives.

Product overview


The overview below lists the main focus products of Gobiotics per category.

An overview of Gobiotic's prebiotics line can be found here in our Actives & biofunctionals section.


Inutec SL-1:

Emulsion fixer that works in extreme conditions

Improves the skin feel of formulations

Effective in very low to high viscosity systems


Neocare PR3:

   All natural water-in-oil emulsifier

Hydrates the skin up to 24 hours

Easy to use and gentle on skin



Inutec H25P:

Inulin based skin and hair conditioner

Particularly effective in rinse-off products

Makes harsh cleansers milder


Gosulin Agave:

Sensorial film former derived from agave

Improves skin feel that islong lasting

reduces appearance of wrinkles in minutes



Gosulin IL:

Natural emoilent from renewable sources

Has a volatile touch and skin feel

Reduces tackiness of formulations



Remytec F-1:

Rice starch that acts as micro abrasive cleanser

Natural and gentle exfoliator

Cleansing effect on the skin by sebum absorption


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Global compliance

All Inutec, Gosulin and Remytec products are globally compliant (including China) for use as cosmetic ingredient.


Inutec SL-1: Glycerin, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate

Inutec H25P: Inulin

Gosulin Agave: Maltose, Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract

Gosulin IL: Isoamyl laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate

Remytec F-1: Oryza Sativa Starch


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Inutec, Gosulin and Remytec are products of Gobiotics (www.gobiotics-ingredients.com). Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics  in parts of the US.

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