Ultracolor Carmine

Natural colorant that is FDA approved


Consistency in color


Price stability options available

Technology overview

Ultracolor Carmine is a natural colorant derived from carminic acid that is harvested from dried cochineal scale insects. Ultracolor Carmine is an FDA approved colorant that can be used in food, cosmetics and drugs and are listed in 21cfr part 73 A, B and C and thus require no FDA batch certification like traditional D&C and FD&C colors. Ultracolor Carmine lakes come in different shades and are available in dispersions that are customizable.

Application and uses


Color cosmetics: Natural colorant to create various shades of red in make-up powders and liquids

Lip care: Natural colorant in lip gloss and lip care products

Available Ultracolor Carmine products


Ultracolor Carmine Lake GN: Carmine lake with brilliant red shade

Ultracolor Carmine RY1: Carmine lake with red to slightly yellow shade

Ultracolor Carmine PS: Carmine lake with purple shade

Ultracolor Carmine Lake GN

Ultracolor Carmine RY1

Ultracolor Carmine PS

Formulation guidelines


General guidelines:

  • Recommended dosage: 1 - 25%, depending on desired color properties
  • Blend powder into the wax/oil system and mix well to get even dispersion
  • Use of dispersion aid may help achieve better uniformity

Benefits and claims in finished products


  • Natural colorant
  • FDA approved colorant for Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Global compliance


Ultracolor Carmine products are globally compliant as cosmetic ingredient (including China)


Ultracolor Carmine Lake GN: Carmine


Ultracolor Carmine RY1: Carmine


Ultracolor Carmine PS: Carmine


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