History and mission

Ultra is a family owned company founded in 1992 and is a supplier and manufacturer of ingredients and services.


We are 100% focused on personal care and have our history in providing customized products and solutions. We are passionate about science-based and proven ingredients and developing custom solutions to help our customers in every possible way.

And, our passion is our mission:


“To make the life of our customers and suppliers easier in their quest to create unique personal care products.

We strive to accomplish this by being the go-to provider of science-driven products, solutions and customized ingredients”



Activity overview

Our activities are split into two main areas: A. Products and Ingredients and B. Customized Services.


We manufacture our own products and are a distributor of various ingredients that find its application in sun care, skin care and color cosmetics.


The 4 key focus areas are:

Actives & Biofunctionals: Ingredients with a science based and proven performance

Film forming polymers: polymers with unique and multi-functional properties and natural options available

Specialty naturals: Specialty natural ingredients with unique sustainability background and supply reliability

New technology screening: Providing early access to new and developing technologies


In the Customized Services area we focus on the design and manufacturing of customer specific solutions and supply chain optimization in close cooperation with a select group of customers.



Ultra Chemical Inc.

2 Bridge Avenue Suite 631

Red Bank, NJ 07701



Ultra Chemical BV

Zuidplein 36 - 1077

XV Amsterdam

The Netherlands