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Providing solutions to the Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry since 1992

Ultra has a unique set of models to service both our customers as well as our principals and supply base.   

With our mission being “to provide solutions to improve life”, we focus on: 

  • Customizing Ingredients
  • Providing unique services to make life easier for anyone we work with

Our models include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting (for both suppliers and customers)
  • Consolidation
  • Sales Agent
  • Distribution

This structure allows Ultra to be flexible to adjust to the needs of the companies that we work with and delivering the best solutions to bring value to all involved in the supply chain.  We focus on working with Multinational in Sun Care, Skin Care (including cleansing), Color Cosmetics and Oral Care but can also work with smaller companies as well.  We offer several ingredients that deliver superior performance and real benefits like Collagen Synthesis, Melanin Inhibition, Cell Life Proliferation, Natural SPF Boosting, UVA/B Protection, Superior UVA Protection, Transparent and Safe Sun Protection, Skin Whitening, Skin Plumping, Moisturization, PEG Free Natural Detergency and Emulsification, Wrinkle Reduction, Extreme Gloss, Flexible Fast Drying Films, TEWL Protection, (to names a few) for applications that include Sunscreens, Anti-aging, BB Creams, Mascaras, Daywear, Makeup, Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Diaper Rash, OTC Products, Wound Care, Body Washes, Cleanser,  Bar Soaps, Nail Polishes, Eyeliners and more...   We are involved in providing environmentally responsible ingredients from naturals as well as synthetic materials.  Ultra works with our customers, suppliers, principals and employees to present sustainable options wherever possible or needed.  We are involved with our customers, suppliers, principals and employees in several green initiatives.  Our company has ingredients that are Certificated Organic, ECO-CERT, ECO & BIO COSMEBIO, COSMOS, NATRUE and others.  In additional, Ultra works with companies that are on the Global 100 Most Sustainable List (www.global100.org).  We know that Ultra has solutions to assist you company in meeting and exceed your goals to deliver innovation, value and satisfaction to your consumers or customers.

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